Electronic Brake Stroke Monitoring System

Visual Light Indicator

Caught Before Leaving Yard

Automatic Slack Adjusters Do Fail

The Number 1 Infraction

Brakes Out Of Adjustment. It is no secret and well known in the industry that brakes out of adjustment is the #1 infraction/ issue when trucks get pulled over or checked at the scales. BSLI is a tool that alerts an operator to have the brake adjustment checked. The equipment is still legal to operate but brake service should be done at the earliest convenience to avoid fines & down time. The standard 30/30 brake chambers legal stroke is 2 inches and the long stroke brake chambers is 2.5 inches. The BSLI system will trigger the light when the brake stroke adjustment is ¼ inch from its legally allowed travel limit.

Pros Of The BSLI

With the new age of “safety in the workplace”, properly functioning brakes is and will always be the main focus on heavy equipment inspections.
Not every trailer can maintain a regular maintenance schedule, some never make it back to the yard for months and the only maintenance they will receive is the yearly safety.
Adding the BSLI to a truck or trailer will always alert the operator of potential brakes out of adjustment issues allowing ample time to have the issue dealt with.
Trust The BSLI, Trust The Light.

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